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Black Leather Watch Box
This is a nice real leather 6 watch box and wonderful gift for man. We also have brown color too.
Price  $ 58.98
Leather Cufflink Box
Man real leather cufflink and ring box.
Price  $ 38.98
Leather Travel Jewelry Case
BLK leather travel jewelry box and can be embossed with gold or silver color.
Price  $ 16.98
Travel Heart Jewelry Box
Leather colorful heart small jewelry bos. Only Orange color left.
Price  $ 19.98
SP Heart Jewelry Box
Silver plated 4" heart footed jewelry box. It can be engraved on the top of the cover. Great gift for woman.
Price  $ 16.98
Pewter Jewelry Box
3" x 2" Pewter Jwwelry box can be engraved on the top.
Price  $ 12.98
SP Oval Jewelry Box
Engravable Oval Jewelry Box
Price  $ 10.98
5" SP Dot Box Collection
5" silver plated retangle pearl shape jewelry box. It can be engraved on the top.
Price  $ 28.98
SP Photo Keyring
Silver plated photo key chain and can be engraved for gift.
Price  $ 9.98
Money Cliper-1936

Price  $ 8.98
SP Dot Oval Jewelry Box
5" silver plated oval dot jewelry box and can be engraved on the top for birthday, graduation and bridesmaid gift.
Price  $ 24.98
2080 Heart 2 x 3 Frame/crystal
High quality brush metal with crystal heart 2" x 3 " picture frame. It can be use for favor or small gift.
Price  $ 7.98
2083 Round Brush Box/crystal

Price  $ 9.98
Jewelry Box-2134
3" x 3" Square Brush metal box with crystal. It can be engraved. 
On sale only 14.98.
Price  $ 19.98
2205-SP DB Heart 4x6 Picture Album

Price  $ 15.98
2242-SP Heart Compact Mirror

Price  $ 14.98
2347-SP Star Paperweight

Price  $ 14.98
RE2511-4x6 Picture Frame/pearl
RE-2512 5 x 7 Picture Frame $16.98.
Price  $ 12.98
2569-Bussiness Card Case/crystal Heart
This silver plated business card case with crystal heart can be engraved for any gift
On sale price now is $7.98.

Price  $ 12.98
2604-Fortune Cookie Keychain

Price  $ 9.98
2647-SP 4x6 Wedding Picture Album
This is nice silver plated high quality 4 x 6 wedding album. We can engrave your both bride and groom name on the bottom of the album. Now on sale price is $9.98(50% off). Also engraving charge is only $6.00.
Price  $ 18.98
2667-Our Anniversary Picture Frame

Price  $ 14.98
2679-Heart Keychain
This heart key chain can be engraved on the back silver plated part for small gift.
Price  $ 5.98
2676-Business Card Holder
This elengant business card case can be engraved on the back. Now is on sale. The price is $7.98.
Price  $ 12.98
Picture Frame with Box

Price  $ 24.98
2722-3" Brush Jewelry Box/crystal
This very nice 3" square brush metal box can be engraved on the top of box for gift.
Price  $ 14.98
2726-Collage Picture Frame
This is a 4 section 2" x 3" silver plated picture frame can be baby or childen gift.
Price  $ 12.98
2740-4x6 Brush Picture Frame/crystal
This is elegant 4" x 6" brush metal picture frame with 3 crystal on the corner. It can be engraved  name and special date for memories.
Also this is a high quality frame and we do on sale now. The price is $12.98. 
We have 5" x 7" too. The price is $ 16.98.
Price  $ 24.98
2792-4x6 Double Heart Album
This is a high quality brush metal 4 x 6 Album with double crystal heart design. It can be engraved on the front of the cover for wedding memories. It aslo is a good gift for both bride & groom's parents.
Price  $ 16.98
52-RB6055 4x6 SP Plain Picture Frame
This 4" x 6" silver plated plain picture frame is a best seller. I can be engraved on the top and bottom.
We also have 5" x 7" size and the price is $16.98.
8" x 10" size and $ 24.98.
Price  $ 12.98
RE1515-Silver Plated Star Picture Trophy
This silver plated star trophy can be engraved on the base and can put any picture to the star. the picture can be 2" diameter.
Now on sale $ 25.00.
Price  $ 35.98
RE1409-5" Star Jewelry Box

Price  $ 12.98
RE1502-Photo Key Chain
Silver plated 1" x 1.5" double photo key chain. It can be engraved on the both side for any event gift. 
Price  $ 7.98
SP Picture Frame 4" x 6"

Silver Plated 4" x 6" Plain Engravable Picture Fram and can be engraved

Price  $ 10.98
Can Holder
Stainless Steel Engravable Can Holder and now is on sale for $ 4.98.
Price  $ 9.98
RE 1873 Crystal Dome Clock
Size: 6 1/4" x 4.1/2" can be engraved on the front. 
Price  $ 32.98
RE 1862 5" Round Plate Award, w/Stand
Small Optic Crystal award with base and can be engraved on the round plate. Engraving area diameter is 3 1/4".
Medium 6" (24.98). Engraving area is diametet 3 3/4".
Large 7" ( $ 32.98). Engraving area is diameter 4 1/4"
XLarge: 8" ( $ 38.98)
Price  $ 21.98
RE 1611 Ice Block Awards
Small: 4.5" Optic Crystal Award
Medium: 5.5" ( $24.98)
Large: 6.5" ( $ 28.98)
Price  $ 18.98
RE1606 Block Award
Size: 5" x 7" Optic Crystal Trophy and can be engraved on front.
Price  $ 36.98
RE1659 10" SP Champagne Flutes
This is triditional wedding, birthday and anniversary gift. It can be engraved the name and date.
Price  $ 45.98
SP Oval Footed Jewelry Box
Engravable SP Oval Footed Jewelry Box
Size: L4, W3, H1.75
Price  $ 18.98
SP Note Pad
Engravable SP Note Pad
Price  $ 16.98
24oz SS Shaker
Engravable 24oz SS Shaker
Price  $ 24.98
1909 Rect. Compact Mirror
silver plated rect. compact mirror and can be engraved.
Price  $ 15.98
Gateway Clock
Optical crystal 3.6" x 4.5" clock and can be engraved for gifts.
Price  $ 32.98
Double Heart Flute
Engravable Double Heat Flute
Price  $ 32.98
SP Diamond Ring Flute
Engravable SP Diamond Ring Flute
Price  $ 36.98
Double Heart Cake Knife Set
Engravable Double Heart Cake Knife Set
Price  $ 26.98
Green Leather Jewelry Box
This elegant real leather jewelry case is a great gift for woman.
Size :
Price  $ 68.98
2791-DB Heart Brush Guest Book
This is a very nice brush metal large size wedding guest book with double crystal heart design. It can be engraved both bride & groom name and wedding day on the front to keep forever. Now is on sale for $ 29.98.
Price  $ 49.98
50 items total

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